These are the Unique Features of our Farm where your Milk and Milk By-products are produced and processed:

  • Open & Airy court yards for cows to ensure Natural environment for Cows.
  • Regular health check-ups and vaccination of each and every cow at the farm to ensure a disease free life.
  • No Injection Oxytocin or Steroids are given to increase the quantity of the milk ensuring the milk is free from toxins. The Milk output through NATURAL process.
  • The cattle at our farm is left free to roam around and has access to water 24*7.
  • Automatic drinking fountain and washer facility in each courtyard, to keep the facility neat and clean.
  • Organic Concentrated fodder prepared in six natural silos at farm site.
  • Dry & wet fodder mill with mixer wagon for serving to directly cows.
  • The shelters are cleaned at least thrice a day to maintain the cleanliness of the farm.
  • Fully automatic milking parlor, with stainless steel apparatus & piping.
  • Milk Processing Plant with homogenizer and pasteurizer of 10,000 liter capacity.
  • Complete mechanized processes from milking to packing eliminating any human handling of milk.
  • Milk transportation through stainless steel pipes and processing within half an hour of milking, at site itself.
  • No biodegradation due to zero waiting time between milking & processing.

You are most welcome to visit our farm, please reach us so we can arrange your trip.